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There is nothing like relaxing  semi-nude, abandoning oneself  to the rays of the sun…..eyes closed to the cares of the outside world.

Accompanied by a beer, you might just nod off? Later you open your eyes to notice that the sun is closer to the horizon. You are probably fine…just a gleaming red….but  you may be developing Sunstroke?

A list of the sunstroke symptoms are: headache, nausea, faintness, shivering, running a temperature, diarrhoea, and vomiting. 

If you develop all or any of these you need to drink plenty of room-temperature  water with  a squeeze  of lemon or  dioralyte, if necessary cold compresses and an Aspirin. The discomfort will continue for 24 hours at least. Ayran a yogurt drink with salt can be bought from all shops. It is best to diet for a couple of days as ones whole  metabolism  has been upset. ….starting with  boiled potatoes and salt.

All very boring but essential for a quick recovery.

If one takes into consideration  that sun exposure leads to pre-mature aging of the skin and other  serious ailments… we should all practise Sun Safety!

Use sunglasses with UV protection

Use suitable sunscreen

Wear protective clothing and hats


Local remedies: immediately  smooth yogurt over the burnt area. This prevents blistering.

A Kitchen remedy for burns. Spread  plain white toothpaste  over the burnt area.


We once had a cook who wished to prepare  a white  bean stew extra fast. He professed to have used a pressure cooker previously.

20 minutes later he pulled the toggle off the singing  pot which  buckled as the lid flew off and boiling stew flew straight up at his face.…. Without any first aid to hand, I cleaned  away the boiling  sauce with cold water and spread tomato puree (the only thing to hand) all over his face and neck….A day  later he was back at work slightly pink but without blistering. The  acid  in the paste had left him looking red but otherwise without a blemish.



Yes they do inhabit the Med…but would rather go about their daily routine  without meeting you.

You are unlikely to meet either unless you decide to help the local shepherd.

Snakes sun themselves in the morning and then disappear.

Similar to the one  original they are very fond of  curling up in a tree….sleeping through the heat of the day. In Turkey the larger the snake the less likely it is to be poisonous.

Scorpions are more devious. A snake will disappear from sight as fast as possible. A scorpion stands  his ground.  Scorpions  tend to be nocturnal and  hide under stones like trolls.

There is a simple  remedy for both…carry a razor!

Immediately bleed the area bitten or stung.

As an alternative whenever possible go immediately to the local hospital for an injection of the antidote . You should take a photo of the snake with you. Untreated the area round the snake bite will swell up. 

Black scorpions are larger but less poisonous than their smaller yellow counterparts.. A sting may give one 24 hour pain and discomfort so to get back into holiday mode as fast as possible it is best to go to Emergency. For an injection No photo is necessary.

Only babies are at any real  risk….. As a precaution in villages a cot  is strung up to the rafters or if  on the floor cot  legs are stood bowls of water.

Snakes shy away from various smells especially that of Sulphur . Many gardens have sulphur powder sprinkles round their perimeter….mix this with unslaked lime and  you will be rid of slugs and ants as well!



their Bite is worse than their Buzz

We put up with wasps because we know they are essential to the biodiversity of any area, but we do not  want them to spoil our delicious fish dinner. Burn some  ground coffee powder and they disappear.

Chemists sell sting pens

 are few and far between and unlikely to sting one.

Along the coast one is not likely to be bothered by bees unless out walking in the autumn near a group of hives. These have to be placed two kilometres away from the nearest village. Depending upon the season, hives are moved to follow the flowers. In autumn the bees feed from the Pine forests.


Turkey has more than several neighbours!


Greece……………………206 km border

Bulgaria…………………..240 km border

Georgia…………………..252 km border

Armenia…………………..268 km border

Azerbeycan (Nahçıvan)…117 km border

Iran………………………..499 km border 

Iraq………………………..331 km border

Syria………………………822 km border.


Turkey recognises the importance of  maintaining diplomatic ties with  all its neighbours.


Turkey and Greece are both members of NATO.


Turkey and Bulgaria have bilateral trade agreements. Since the end of the cold war many Bulgarian Turks have chosen to live in Turkey


Turkey maintains  good relations with Georgia; significant populations of ethnic Georgians live in Turkey and visa versa. There is  an ongoing Baku-Tiblisi-Kars railway project.


Turkey and Armenia signed  the ‘Zurich protocol’ in 2009 with the aim to improve  their relationship which would benefit both countries. Armenia imports goods from Turkey via Georgia. There is as yet no open border. The two counties have met at international sports  tournaments and one hopes that in the near future the two countries will come to a peaceful understanding over  tragic past events..


Turkey and Azerbeycan share close linguistic and historical ties: cuisine, folklore,  and traditional music are very similar. With some differences in pronunciation, the two languages are mutually intelligible.  


Turkey and Iran share historical, cultural and religious links. Turkey imports much of its natural gas from Iran.


Turkeys relationship with  Iraq is influenced  by domestic, regional and international factors.

Turkey’s control of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers which flow into Iraq have created tensions in the past. However both countries work towards maintaining a constructive relationship. There is a significant  population of ‘Turcomen’ (2 million ? ) Turks living in North Iraq.


Turkey shares a long mainly flat border with Syria. Prior to the outbreak of civil war in Syria, local families lived and worked on both sides of the border.  This border was decided  by the Treaty of Lausanne in 1923.

Prior to 2011 the present writer visited Syria several times. She was very impressed by the  friendliness and attitude of everyone she met whatever their religious or political outlook



Turkey is only just slightly larger than Texas


62% of Turkish men  have moustaches!


75% of the population of Turkey live in Istanbul.


The first gold coins ever minted were at Sardis (near Manisa) by panning in the River Pactolus….from where we obtain the saying ‘rich as  Croesus’…..


Turkey today has rich gold-ore deposits. I found a seam? (a thin thread embedded in rock)  in the Kackar Mountains near Artvin……. In the south-west region of Turkey ‘Eldorado Gold’ operates open-pit mining at Kisladag near Usak


Noahs Ark awaits discovery…atop Mount Ararat on the border with Armenia…..myths and beliefs support its existence. Petrified wood pertaining to be from the vessel have  been discovered on the mountain….not supported by geological research there or in the local Judi Mountains.


Turkey is the world’s  largest tea-drinking country….with an average of 1500 glasses per year.  

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