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The Myth of Oludeniz...Here is the story.

A father and son traded  with their boat out of Arabia along the Incense Route. Having picked up their cargo in Tyre or Sidon… they packed the lined boxes of aromatic gums, incense and myrrh deep  into the hold of their wide-beamed vessel.From Alexandretta they sailed up the  Cilician coast and were heading past Cyprus for Rhodes when  a storm blew them off course  towards the Patara sands. Wıth difficulty rounding the seven capes of Symbola they decided  to seek anchorage within the inner bay  until the strorm subsided. The son notıce a narroew passage behınd an outcrop of rock  and dturned the tıller to stear the  boat  towards a sand-bank behınd the rocks.  Thinking  of his precious cargo the father, who had not seen the inlet, struck his son a lethal blow and  turned  the boat out to sea again. At that moment  the undercurrent drew  the boat  through the inlet into the calm waters of the lagoon. The distraught and heartbroken father  embalms his son and lighting incense, buries him within the arm of the lagoon.. This is how  this most peaceful of waters became known the ‘dead’ sea….Oludeniz.  People say that at times a scent of incense  still wafts up through the pines.  ​

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