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Oludeniz Water-Sports

Along the shoreline one can hire motor boats jetskis etc. These  give speed  and surf..... but do not let you into the secrets of the many rocky inlets, caves and coves   of Oludeniz(once known as ‘Symbola') . From the beach front you can hire Sea-kayaks  and ‘Subs’ (stand-up-boards) to propel yourself out into the bay…. east or west ….. hugging the coastline as you go.

The sea kayaks are in fact canoes approximately 3 metres in length suitable for one or two.  The stand-up-boards can also be sat on if it is wavy and you are weary! If  balancing  is difficult  you can sit comfortably on the inflated boards…..paddle along to the Lagoon and get in free via Sub. Why not? Once inside the lagoon it is very easy to stand and paddle.

Pick up your paddle and go eco-friendly!  

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