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The south coast of Turkey has long summers, peaceful  autumns and short winters. By the beginning of February  the pine forests are alive  wild narcissi, cyclamen, peony and  the very shy tulip.

 There is a 2000 km of coastline to choose from! Average summer temperatures are  in the range of 33 C+. The breezes of the ‘meltem’ offer cooler afternoons and evenings. The summer  water temperature is in the mid-20’s while in the winter it does not fall below 18 C. until the snow melts in March!. You might prefer the tranquility of autumn  when there is no expectation of summer, just the  warm velvety waters of the Med.

In the West where the Western  Taurus  slope directly down to the coast, sunlight reflects its eroded  calcium carbonate creating  a kaleidoscope of deep turquoise waters and powder-blue foam; these colours need to be seen to be believed. It is  ‘the Turquoise Coast’ and its epitome is Oludeniz.    

As the mountains give way  to the plains of Pamphylia, the seas change from turquoise to azure to ink-blue. Along this coast are endless  expanses of sand broken only by the ruin of a neglected castle.  This  plain  and to its east the Cilician Plain   enjoy  warmer  more humid summers where even Pineapple and Papaya may be cultivated.  Winter weather is cool and wet with temperatures reaching 18 C during the day and  occasionally falling to 4 C in the evening.

Weather along the Med…


The Damlatas Cave at Alanya  130 km. east of Antalya with  90% humidity   throughout the year offers a 21 day cure to Asthma sufferers. The  claim:  humidity, high carbon dioxide content  and radioactivity combine to ‘relax the lungs’. The cave with its  stalagmites and -tites was discovered while blasting to obtain  stone for the local pier. As one travels further along the coast  one reaches the large port of Adana and smaller Karatas from where there is a regular ferry service to Northern Cyprus. From here the coast stretches another 250 km south towards the Syrian border. Above is an aerial photo of Mamure Castle

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